Route 66 Trip


  • Groom TX- to see the one of the Worlds Largest Cross in western hemisphere 19 stories high and  Leaning Water Tower  address: 2880 County Road 2  Groom, Texas 79039
  • Amarillo TX Big TExan Restaurant (what to do)to eat the famous big texan steak<address>7701 E Ih 40 Amarillo, TX - home of 72 oz steak
  • Cadillac Ranch around 8-11miles from Amarillo
  • Palo Duro Canyon website Address: 11450 Park Road 5, Canyon, TX 79015, Palo Duro Canyon State Park, Canyon TX (806) 488-2227
  • Glenrio – ghost town take some cool pictures
  •  website
  • dallas to wichita falls 2hrs41mins
  • dallas to amarillo 6hrs47mins
  • dallas to Groom 6hrs1min
  • amarillo to Palo Duro 1hr15mins
  • Amarillo to Albuquerque 4hrs35mins
  • Amarillo to Cadillac Ranch 15-20mins
  • Cadillac Ranch to Albuquerque 4hrs22mins

New Mexico

  1. Albuquerque to Petrified forest 3hrs 45mins
  2. Albuquerque to Meteor crater 4hrs35mins
  3. Albuquerque to flagstaff 5hrs15ins
  4. Albuquerque to grand canyon 6hrs30mins
  5. Albuqeurque to Sandia Peak 30mins


  1. Petrified Forest to Flagstaff 2hrs 15mins
  2. Petrified Forest to Meteor Crater 2hrs5mins
  3. Meteor Crater to Flagstaff 1hr5mins
  4. Flagstaff to Grand Canyon 2hrs5mins
  5. Flagstaff to Las Vegas 5hours5mins
  6. Grand Canyon to Las Vegas 5hrs45mins
  7. Grand Canyon to Seligman 2hrs5mins
  1. Las Vegas to Hoover Damn
  2. Las Vegas to Los Angeles 4hrs45mins
  3. Las Vegas to San Francisco 10hours
  4. Las Vegas to Victorville 3hours15mins
  5. Victorville to LA 2hours


 Los Angeles, CA

  1.  LA to Getty Center 40mins
  2. LA to Rodeo Drive 24mins
  3. LA to Sta Monica Peir 45mins
  4. LA to Marina Del Rey/Fishermans Village 45mins
  5. LA to Mulholland highway 40mins
  6. LA to Sequoia National Park 4hours30mins
  7. LA to Kodak Theater 15mins
  8. LA to SF 6hours30mins
  9. LA to Ng Melds
  10. LA to Bem 30mins
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